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    I recently installed the Lucille Theme for my band Tuesday Micrgrooves and i like it! I have one question and two feedbacks for an update in the future.

    1) in the video Template it’s possible to see 3 videos and then have a button „older videos“ to switch to the next page. In the discography page its the same. I would recommend to do that too in the gallerie-section, actually u could only see 3 new galleries and that’s it. (see screenshot)

    2) In the Shop-Section there is the german Word Beschreibung two times to be seen and no possibilities zu change it. How can i get rid of it? (See screenshot)

    3) I use Mailchimp for my Newsletter. Is there any plugin you could recommand to install a Newsletter button or is it within your template and I didn see it?

    Thanx and all the best!

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    Alex replied


    Please check my answers below: 

    1. Older videos button - at this moment this is not implemented. But I will put this on my TODO list, since it is a good idea. 

    2. Please make sure that WooCommerce is translated and you have no third party plugins that are adding untranslated strings. The theme itself does not handle the WooCommerce strings. 

    3. At this moment we don't have a mailchimp widget. I will put this on my TODO list as well, in this time you can use a free third party plugin like this one:


    If the plugin offers a shortcode, you can add it to a page using WPBakery Text Block element that supports shortcodes. 

    Please let me know if something is not clear or if you have more questions. 

    Kind Regards,

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